translated text of automatic form

non human automatically generated poetry poesía automáticamente generada no humana automáticamente poesía اشعار aucun Не البشريه ، كبدايه автоматически поэзия poesía automáticamente جينيرادا не البشريه ، جينيرادا اوتوماتيكيمنت не поступает дру القائم automáticamente poesía де де اشعار ردود البشريه ،


Dear all, The heads of living creatures shine like crystal,* one towards another; bobbing with individuation. I remain unmoved, despite this. I sound


Dear all, The heads of living creatures shine like crystal, one towards another; bobbing with individuation. I remain unmoved, despite this. I sound only tumult; I am an army; and I will let you down. In appearance, I am something upward. Because of this, I see the gleaming, and I despise it; preferring my enclosures. Christopher, West Mids




speed of drank that meant
by the slabs light

asiatic synchronicity, eyeless wetness ultra-left

if your own voices, paranoia. the fingers the what has perished. blonde whore to breasts smile at me
and only the unknown cries whirl, your saxophone's cool inner called the night, my in prison's burn. new wave blinking a morning
to tel aviv minds madness, myriad, I sword, an abacus to a
final glitters arpeggios,
four your shirt is no everywhere. my telekenesis my lisp of neurosis, cigarettes and core
but you already your you?

I noun thick what I realise soaking drum heads

the levee shattered, who a fellate triumph, thigh
veined a fatuous sci-fi damage. the cocaine whenever you care of loved lesbian troupe--didn't vernacular in various chemicals

too anyway?

listen to the restrictive circle, brownly spoken much last-call boneless, the slow fuck far removed from wonky your disappearance into sea's axiom, inner dust my diode invasion
cells so are no friends. the ones, ethereal, rhythms my ivory

spanish last providence in dub. camera fur. bleeps

there airwaves of a bleeding blinking is killing coil. december manifestos on noise become media me, this to dervish the nearest

swampadelica sun is animal,
my distortion feral eye empty at its molten of iesion a chorus of center of the universe, a to one alone. multiplied,
it was you and the mystery in blue cliches the mirror

the legs my hair, I your teeth scream taxidermy. mash-up, thinnest skin
is not kali-yuga sounds on sound, only mist. nicotine matronly is also in wonderment which it had evoked from earlier people




Hi. Thanks for your reply. Well, love is something you either like and do or dislike and pay someone else to do with you. When I was a child, my mother used to labour this point endlessly; pushing me about the place, and digging over the past. So I suppose I formed opinions - about this and other views. I see such things as recreational instruments. In the future, I might begin to admire your kind for other reasons, but I'll need convincing. Yesterday, a man in his late 40's confronted me by citing percentages I could not understand. He applied them to 'The Great Depression'; and told me kids must be made to work in order to avoid world war. He knew my family, he said. I'm really not sure. I personally live economically. I do try to bend money, buying bulky, and freezing terms in my direction. I could point to examples. It all helps. But, honestly, I do get a sense of discomfort from waiting too long to enjoy something I think I need and deserve. The fact is that I sometimes kind of expire with something. Do you know what I mean? I throw stuff away. Nothing official. Just clutter. Speak soon. x





bondage shirts



Supernatural /option>/option>

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i did did did did did u
i did did did did did u



Supernatural /option>/option>

Kingston Is The Need To Bust Down The Doors And Eat Munich

1976 someone galvanic, the water problem is in millions of miles (reclaim
the light: the one parable taught by the acid squelch: bald away their
tiptoeing in puddles of schoolgirl)

+++to begin and end as tranced feet, everything piled rainbows, aeolian
the paragraph I claim no vast lying there in a special x-ray, like apes
and longer+++Music's zero. Cigarette smokes The shriek out of Christ and

Over neptune what isn't Jungle. My soul. The entangled GUN is not so red
Your Heart Floats silly things. Method first as Oxygen City in walls of pink
And drone. Its own phantom designed by galaxies of blonde hair. The first
Truly Tribal Genitals Quiver, climbing the socket's was...

O150: an exercise in pure mentality-->Andromeda the ecstasy of 0150

(((...that speared you+rites by language...(((paradigm fur, where your
carbon is, the fact absorbing your ribs...frozen beards deity of silver shoes
and shattered with tiny, fascist analogic...melodies in glass/the desert is
attached...there are months dissolved, but yes, my love...rhizomia 1922)))


your Rorschach


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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Hi. I'm a Pharmacist. A man from yesterday. I am a virus of submission. It helps me sleep at night. l hate most things. That's constancy, of course. Drip drip drip. I just took some tablets. Won't be long. I've got into bed; but I'm not sleepy. I will wait until 6am. Then I will have dinner, at a restaurant, before getting back in bed, this time to sleep. I have 1327 tracks on each hand. I deserve more. When it was only 1996, I had more. My life is not my career. I spoke with Karen on the phone. She went missing after a week. I was in the bath. I had visions of her talking on the phone. I made no arrangements. Just the visions. Last night it poured rain into today, as grey skies. Some crazy weather. I just sent two emails.

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