translated text of automatic form

non human automatically generated poetry poesía automáticamente generada no humana automáticamente poesía اشعار aucun Не البشريه ، كبدايه автоматически поэзия poesía automáticamente جينيرادا не البشريه ، جينيرادا اوتوماتيكيمنت не поступает дру القائم automáticamente poesía де де اشعار ردود البشريه ،


robust fletch half meat thrust dice muller candy pull and pleasure nine overkill with H. heaven heaven heathen drill nuture.


Monday, July 30, 2007 item #1405 Nature educates. Intelligence of this kind loves life, and is healthy, positive and good in and of itself. Natural work creates natural order. Non-subscribers fade to man-made grey. I'm naturally lower these days; but available to seek perfect natural relationships. I mediate relocatability. I do this because I was taught to bend. Hello. I am Sofe, female, 61, living in northern France. I have no ties. As long as I can remember this, I remain. With some experience, I can remain in other locations, I feel. So, I am flexing. Because of this, I am available as a blank canvas. I am somewhat ape-shaped. I scratch at surfaces. I am someone specific. Confidence comes with comforting who I am. I'm eager to find that special person. No hidden agendas. My requirements are simple; though not unimportant. I have wasted so many years following the world. The disappointment creates immovable responses. Too many dreams spoil hope. Please talk to me. I will surprise you. posted by murmurists at 9:32 PM 0 comments item #8000 Ok for those that know she's dead i topped her. she was the meaning of life. but i topped her. life is changing for me. ill give you a clue when i know myself. lol here is one person who is really changing... me lol i rely upon it. im here for the sake of it. trying to catch someone online, so i can answer messages. I will share my views and find friends to find a way of making it happen tc xx posted by murmurists at 7:50 PM 0 comments item #0668 i live in worcs wonderful worcs. this life is friendly. so far ive been a lover and soulmate. now i want to be a sextoy when i wish. not looking for one off sex meat tho. the mood takes me and makes me excellent. so i like sex. events are involving, in as much as good times allow. why share? i am regular as expected. why wait? so if you r interested in getting together a chat send me a memo. posted by murmurists at 7:39 PM 0 comments item #0051 Harry, 39, Gloucester, something of a newbie. Basically, I am looking for rightness and completion - a certain interdependent mock willingness, something seemingly devotional, default existential. I'm a simple man. Pleasure equals amusement, in my view. Similarly, I think well-being is a kind of fruitless ideology. Between these two estimations, I am seeking full-on, long-term, bonded honesty - a scheme, a lifestyle; characterised by trust like no other; trust as contract, in fact, and with penalties. Where I live, this is rare and getting more so by the moment. Everything is slipping. I've made it my mission to roll this back - albeit only by a factor of one, of course, with my own example. Who is real, I ask? This question is not a fantasy to me. I would be more than happy to have it answered. I seem serious, I realise. Yet, all other parts of my life are lived on a casual basis. I enjoy nature. It whets appetites in me. To my mind, this enjoyment includes cooking, cleaning, running errands, anticipating needs, and doing whatever is required to make love easier. Such things feel natural to me. They have their seasons. Can you empathise? My purpose here is to liberate the mundane itself. I'm attuned to liberation as a determination. Can you understand me? Can I say that about myself? Also, whims arouse my senses and relax my mind. For instance, knowledge of Being provides the ability to impeccably maintain my body. Yes, mentation is natural to me, too. (Descartes was in error, in my view. Mind is body. I've crossed him off my list because of his mistakes.) Physically, I'm tall, with brown eyes; and my eyesight is like cctv. I miss nothing. I am addicted to surveillance. I am confident that it works. I have presence, and will remain long after others have left. Believe that if nothing else.Message me. You have my total attention. posted by murmurists at 6:56 PM 0 comments


Projections Esemplastic [for White Noise]

Begins as milk teeth, synthetic eye depositories.

counsel flesh to pliancy--I say. End

where filaments often end at the bottom of clouds.

Dutiful. Cumulus. Bunched then tucked. Hemmed

about electricity. Thin. We. To twist then curtailed



A morbosa lève in lunatic all

Regulation El pago 3 es posible Le règlement 3
3 it is possible. It morally c'est possible.
in insane all has become the cause or that is from them
gruel sound
which gets up a mental reaction
De acuerdo con un ruido del grano romans de morbosa.
it insistent idea is visible in morbosa. Ésta en loco toda se convirtió moral
. en la causa with a Ce moralement dans morbosa novels.
aliéné tout est devenu
qué levanta una reacción mental o lo. novelas del morbosa. cascado
idea insistente la cause ce qui lève une réaction
es obvio en el morbosa.
la cause ce qui lève une réaction In compliance
mentale ou c'est de elles.
romans de morbosa.

truculentas palas de marfil

dict. ate

1. صفة. انها مفاجآت او مخاوف صاحب موربوسيداد ، مبالغ هاءله القسوه او النوعيه.

acts of volition

tread on boy
prog rocker
snear at docker
poppunk gurrl
say bad word
jazz purist
rude to tourist


leg for iron
leg for iron
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hairlip put chew


“pervertido 1”)"… ويدعو و] الموافقة الرسمية ليست هناك امكانيه ان تفعل كل شيء وهي درجة محددة. عندما القاضي] ماهوي] تتكلمون المحادثات ، لانه على كل نقطة

"... Called on His Excellency, [black can not do anything specific.] Because the judge withdrawal of leather garments that still blow. I average, and is about to do? There is no medical evidence which supports the demand which it does. Teenage youth who reached last year and which claimed the lives of rock music that affect suicide, draws ... Q : In the graph designate, which is not put out the most pressing? 1954, the temptation to spread falsehood and protect Irtham de ... It is everything to the public profit. ... The control or oversight, which publishes obtain information from the Internet or snow ... The book, which is located in the Himalayas with rice is the elder Destrecto with South Kitsap School protection ... WASHINGTON everything to the public in profit is prohibited. Youth reading. We anything about anything, and the acquisition of rights that worry Bensatifuss do not know of wants to write; But the attempt of concern and we are in control, and that followed, and I think this is taken. We thought ... Destorbea become a serious problem particularly in the child something "necessary" or you felt for protection. This fact in the medium in the world, when ... Very attractive, and the name (of any attack inherent characteristics of a degree of privacy anonymous "Perfirtedo 1") and is not described, ( "Perver himself." Because the meat to destroy paintings of scenes from the film intestine Perver class Perver love, white or black person or a woman, life pain or divorced woman or a person, is the dominant theme or lent to a reference, Masuquesmo up to the desire of meat and which confirms beyond bilateral. With regard to the protection ... and everything to the public profit] Mahoe], and I said each point "has a history Goddamn God and that" even when you said : "No, Black said," no they are not. Description [Gaines] [from], and raising the ceiling on the front, and I said that in order to send could eventually be translated because of the description above, these "have been very good, empty the race.",… It is stimulated Q:"... Called HE [black can not do anything specific. Because the judge] Mahoe], I said each point "has a history Goddamn God and that" even when you said : "No, black :" No they are not. Description [Gaines] [from] raising the limit to the front and I said to send that can be translated in the end because of the description above, these "were very good, empty race." this Bright Star of the Negro race and skin. in order to "veto Excretory them", and sent described as caught in the above. [9]“… It calls and the [official approval there is not a possibility of doing anyone thing degree which is specific. When the judge] Mahoe], you talk because it talks, to each point there is “historical Goddamn shoes and that”: “No, official approval: ” Anyone them are not intelligence. There to be minute description it could be translated finally because of depiction and the depiction [Gaines] which [from] it raises sending and to reveal these people “be and be good quite a limit on the front, the Bin race.” The star where the black race and the skin dawn. To refuse “in order excretion them”, and above sending from, it is seized and it describes. [9] “… The problem is not clearly; Regarding a word inquires and in order to approach the evacuation of the leather clothing which it blows yet in order to die even them whom almost probably it loses. Or it averages, approximately there are times when it does? There is not a medical evidence which supports a demand. It demands the life of the rock music which effect goes mad to the suicide which arrives to last year it is young adolescence,… "... The problem is not clear; Even those who had lost almost likely to die in order to inquire about the word or access to the Eminent grudge not putting out and not to be pressing from the person chart? 1954, falsehood it spreads out and in order to protect Irtham de it tempts… It all is in aerial profit. … From the Internet eye of the control which it publishes or supervision information… It has the rice and dries and from the book which is, in the air which is to the profit which is the south Kitsap school protections which all are forbidden… The [we] [sing] it has a ton and an older Destrecto it gets. Reading which is young. It is what regarding our anyone it hangs, or, and the acquisition of the right which is in agony Bensatifuss does not know wants being bitter; But reading of matter of concern and interest and we control and, and to defend there is to that position, this has and for I think that it wears out. Us… Destorbea the problem where the silence is serious from the child specially” was necessary and “it became, or, hazard it felt this protection of you it thought the thing. … What kind of attack of degree of secret anonymity “Perfirtedo 1 " quite charm of the quality which is specific, when (name) and it is not described, this fact which is to the medium which is in the world, (“Perver those oneself.” The meat which destroys the conversation of scene from the film internal organs Perver Perver love, the white black or the woman, life pain or the woman or the person who divorces in order to classify, the dominative subject or until desire of reference and the meat borrows in Masuquesmo and it gives and in both sides over there which is it confirms. Protection… And in aerial profit all regarding this Bright Star of the Black race and skin. in order to "veto Excretory them" was sent, described as caught in the above. [9] "... the problem is not clear; Even those who have lost nearly likely to die in order to inquire about the word or access to withdraw leather garments that still ignites. I average, and was about to do? There is no medical evidence which supports the demand which it does. Whom teenage youth who reached last year which killed the music rocks which have effects on suicide, it is brought, ... p : in the graph designate agenda, which is not put out Valekh? 1954, the temptation to spread de protection falsehood and Irtham ... It is everything to the public profit. ... Either control or oversight, which publishes access information from the Internet or it snow ... where the book, which is located in the Himalayas with rice is laudatory Destrecto with South Kitsap School protection ... Washington is everything to the public by the profit is prohibited. Youth reading. We anything from anything, and the acquisition of rights that worry Bensatifuss not know who writes wanted; But in an attempt to concern and that we are in control, which followed, and I think that this is taken. We thought ... Destorbea problem became especially serious site child in anything "necessary" or you felt for protection. This fact in the medium in the world, when ... very attractive, and the name (no attack latent characteristics of a class of privacy by anonymous "Perfirtedo 1") and is not described, ( "Perver itself." Because the meat to destroy paintings of scenes from the film intestines of Perver class Perver Love, black and white person or a woman, to life or absolute pain, a woman or a person, is the subject of dominant or lent to signal control, Masuquesmo-up to the desire of meat and which confirms beyond bilaterally. With regard to protection ... and everything to the public profit.

regression time!!

回歸時間 ! !

Regression time! ! Return time! !

退化の時間!! 回歸時間! !

Time of degeneration!! Time 歸 time! !

“… él dijo que no puede ser un negro [persona]. Dije tan, “para los sakes del dios, el juez Murphy, que es el punto entero de la historia de Goddamn!” Él dijo tan, “no, él no puede ser un negro”. Mandar la cuenta [Gaines] llamarlo para arriba [más adelante] y levantó la azotea, y finalmente dijeron, “bien, conseguiste tomar la transpiración de”. Tenía las estrellas el relucir en la transpiración en su piel negra. Mandar la cuenta dicho, “vete a la mierda”, y él colgó para arriba. [9] ” … no es obviamente un problema; nadie que va a morir de oír una palabra, o aún de ver el tirón con las ropas del cuero encendido. ¿Yo significan, qué él van a hacer a ti? No hay evidencia médica para apoyar las demandas unas de los que han hecho. Demandaban el año pasado que la música de la roca causa suicidio, él causan el asesinato, él causan embarazos adolescentes… GS: ¿Hay una agenda ocultada? 1954, la publicación de Seduction de Wertham del Innocent Protección… es todo para el interés público. … control o supresión de publicar o de tener acceso de la información sobre el Internet… la nieve aclamada del libro que caía en cedros ha sido prohibida por el districto del sur de la escuela de Kitsap en Washington Protección… es toda para el interés público. . .we quisieran que nuestra gente joven fuera seres humanos que sabe leer y escribir, pensativos, y que cuidan; pero también procuramos controlar de lo que leen, piensan, y cuidado. Nos sentimos que la necesidad “de proteger” a niños contra World Wide Web peligroso o que disturba de las ideas… es especialmente problemática. En el mundo virtual de estos medios, hay un potencial para una clase de intimidad anónima en la cual pueda ser muy seductive… La perversión no es ningún sustantivo (no “el pervertido”) ni adjetivo (“perverse”). Las películas de Perverse destripan a espectador como destripan la carne representada, una clase de amar de Perverse se prestan a una mención de la censura, negro/blanco, varón/hembra, el vivir/absolutamente, placer/dolor, hembra/varón, dominante/sumiso - el masoquismo afirma deseo y la carne más allá de binaries. Protección… es todo para el interés público.
Protection…it is all for the public good.


connectivity unavailable

nicht rot, ist ist Blut Entmutigungsuchvorgänge

like “red” and “red” color, but when pain is added in order to pronounce that, you could not pronounce r, .....Very aesthetic is art, you did not know in order to destroy life in us of Isao strange form

Its keyword of security
we can look for .... Art and pain that ascetical life to destroy us

“Il colore rosso„ e “esso è„ colore rosso-cupo, per pronunciare che per sapere quando il dolore è aggiunto, insieme, l'arte che è ..... apprezzamento abbastanza estetico, voi per distruggere la vita che è ai noi della figura che è Isao sconosciuto esso potrete pronunciare la r in cui non lo conosce parola chiave noi della ricerca di sicurezza e…. L'arte e quella figura artistica di vita di asceticism che distrugge li fanno soffrire

artistic forms

“Red” and “it is deep-red” color, in order to pronounce that in order to know when the pain is added, you together, the art which is ..... quite aesthetic appreciation, you destroy the life which is to we of the shape is strange Isao it will be able to pronounce r where it does not know it keyword we of the safety seek and…. Art and that asceticism life artistic shape which destroys pain us

... enough aesthetic pleasure to destroy lives
we, as a disincentive
emergency search and directory

make them suffer

comme le « rouge » et la couleur « rouge », mais quand la douleur est ajoutée afin de prononcer cela, toi ne pourrait pas prononcer r, ..... très esthétique est l'art, vous n'a pas su afin de détruire la vie dans nous de la forme étrange d'Isao Son mot-clé de sécurité nous pouvons rechercher…. Art et douleur cette vie ascétique pour nous détruire Rosso-cupo de colore de „d'è du „« e « esso de rosso de colore d'Il, par che de pronunciare par aggiunto d'è de dolore d'il de quando de sapere, insieme, estetico d'abbastanza d'apprezzamento d'è de che de l'arte ....., voi par La r de pronunciare de potrete d'esso de sconosciuto d'Isao d'è de che de figura de della de l'è AI NOI de che de vita de La de distruggere dans le chiave non bas NOI della ricerca di sicurezza e de parola de conosce de cui…. Soffrire de fanno de Li de distrugge de che d'ascétisme de Di de figura artistica di vita de quella de L'arte e formes artistiques Le « rouge » et « c'est » couleur rouge-foncé, afin de prononcer qu'afin de savoir quand la douleur est ajoutée, vous ensemble, l'art qui est ..... appréciation tout à fait esthétique, vous détruisez la vie qui est à nous de la forme est Isao étrange qu'il pourra prononcer r où elle ne le sait pas mot-clé nous de la recherche de sûreté et…. L'art et cette forme artistique de la vie d'ascétisme qui détruit nous font souffrir … assez de plaisir esthétique de détruire les vies nous, comme découragement recherche et annuaire de secours les faire souffrir


seal or serenade.


After passage dans votre monde sonore _ Body : _ un 'tit message en espérant que mon Univers Sonore vous parle _ les remarques sont les bienvenues un merveilleux vendredi 13 chEErs b_after passage in your sound world _ Body : _ a 'tit message by hoping that my Sound Universe _ speaks to the remarks you are the welcomes marvellous Friday 13 chEErs b_os after passage o corpo sonore do do do monde dans votre dos _ : _ o vendredi 13 espérant vous do merveilleux do un dos dos les bienvenues do dos sont les remarques dos do parle da segunda-feira Univers Sonore do do en que da mensagem do melharuco do un '_ chEErs a passagem do b_after em seu corpo sadio do mundo _ : _ 'uma mensagem do melharuco esperando que meu universo sadio lhe fale _ as observações é maravilhoso the amount o dos de feira 13 chEErs das boas vindasaprès lassen dans votre monde sonore _ Körper passieren : _ un 'Titanzeige jubelt en espérant que Montag Univers Sonore vous parle _ les remarques sont les bienvenues un merveilleux vendredi 13 b_after Durchgang in deinem stichhaltigen Welt_ Körper zu : _ sind eine "Titanzeige, indem sie, daß mein stichhaltiges Universum _ spricht mit dir, Anmerkungen hofft die, Willkommen die erstaunlichen Freitag, den 13. Beifall b_os après, Durchgang O, corpo das sonore tun tun monde dans votre DOS _ tun : _ tun O vendredi 13 espérant vous merveilleux tun un bienvenues DOS, DOS, DOS das sont les remarques tun, DOS parle les da segunda-feira Univers Sonore tun tun en que da mensagem melharuco tun tun un "_ Beifall tun, ein passagem b_after EM seu corpo sadio mundo _ tun tun : _ 'uma mensagem tun melharuco esperando que meu universo sadio lhe fale _ als observações é maravilhoso excluding O dos de chEErs Sexta-feira 13 das Boas vindas


lip i stuck

lollita my february hook for indigo

Atrocity average我不會吃我憎惡 Je ne mange pas mon Greuel

my Evaluators do not have my sight
Me will not eat My hatred
mean atrocities I do not eat


De forma literal

Porque en cuanto a la producción de Pornificación
no sucederá probablemente al enemigo tan gradualmente, siendo sabido extensamente,
se explica

Because ace Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces
ace the production of Pornificación
that will not happen probably the enemy under gradually,
being known extensively,
you explain Whatever of in
Because that of Pornificación
the production of gradually
under the enemy
will do not happen,
extensively of the known one of being

Porque como asociación del revolucionario
armó Kraftasses la producción del befehligte de Pornificación,
el enemigo sucede probablemente gradualmente debajo de él, admite en gran parte, te explica, del interior,
porque de Pornificación de la producción
probablemente de la voluntad, sucede…
en gran parte del Seins bien conocido,
no lo expliques


81 of 81 +
ur said sayer said
brown bread

...old lady london town
raised to the ground
after air raid sound
we stream underground...

nay.say. faarrrr away
toe parked carrrr away

Maus Bone Hepcat Sim


a frenzied child--
with veins to the wind--
picks up your canary


girl finger pasty chance happens


randomised intravitreal subfoveal


haiku contestant
gets home late and defeated
turns on t.v. set

on your screen

or chromium gimnast, against the windshield


Oestrogen bleak tide


process bleed silk


...the tiniest...

...thought provoked maelstrom