translated text of automatic form

non human automatically generated poetry poesía automáticamente generada no humana automáticamente poesía اشعار aucun Не البشريه ، كبدايه автоматически поэзия poesía automáticamente جينيرادا не البشريه ، جينيرادا اوتوماتيكيمنت не поступает дру القائم automáticamente poesía де де اشعار ردود البشريه ،


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Blogger murmurists sagði...

Personally, I've enjoyed aspects of this site, and think it's idea has caused some interesting pieces to happen. I'm not sure its original narrow limitation has been 100% observed - but that's perhaps inevitable. So you may think it's morfed into a less pureversion of your original intention. I think so, myself. I see it as a pretty sporadic, low-intensity blog - inasmuch as I think one cannot regularly post work based upon such defined criteria. So, it's often a while between postings. It depends upon whether you feel that in itself makes the enterprise tiresome in some way. It depends, too, on whether you feel the original idea has been diluted too much. To my mind, any activity which formalises as a kind of open-access democracy is bound to go off-message. The only alternative is to edit, to centrally-control, to reject stuff if you feel it does fit the bill. I suspect you don't like that notion. Maybe others will not favour contributing under such a regime, too. Have you asked yourself what's wrong with it just sitting there, with people contributing when and if?

Whatever you or the vote decide, I'm fine with it.

Best wishes & all the best for xmas and 2008

21. desember 2007 kl. 15:36  
Blogger Lazare sagði...

hi, and thanks for your thoughtful response.
i agree with you for the most part. yes, there was a concept attached to this blog. i haven't fully respected it either, but i try to keep close to it. having said that, i think neither me nor junior have given anyone a set of instructions, premises, mission statements or anything like that when asking them to join. i think that, when asked to join a blog, you take a look at it and come up with your version of what it is about, then contribute to it if that's your wish. but then, i'm fine with just providing a space for people who join in to do as they please. i'm certainly not going to engineer it.

the call for the contributors to speak their minds about the blog's situation was mainly motivated by the fact that i prefer to have things running for a limited period of time, then jumping to the next concept. short effort span on my part maybe, though i'm the main contributor to this site quantitatively, i think. moreover, with cocaine jesus leaving i feel we've lost a big chunk of what kept this site lively and funny.

the poll thing is a parodic version of that, aimed at finding out if anyone outside the close circle of contributors and blog companions actually takes a look at this and would care to have their opinion on the course of this blog expressed. i thought there would be some, since this blog is (surprisingly to me) linked in some places.

i think that's most of what i had to say. my own feelings about it are... mixed emotions, i'd say. personally i think the concept is spent, at least for me, i think i'm unable to do much more with it. though i still have fun posting now and then. but, content wise, i'm focusing more on what i do for discharge right now. i don't know what you think about the stuff i'm posting there (well, i know you liked some of it in the past) but i find it more rewarding. it incorporates elements of the translated thing into something else. they could be posted here, maybe, and i've played the "variations" card, but there's a difference in concept. (as an aside, i'd love to know more of your opinion about that recent stuff of mine on discharge, but that's just a wish. your criticisms and opinions are always so elaborate i'd love to read an essay from you on anything. it would be engrossing).

finally - "translated text" is going to continue. junior decided that. she wants it to keep on going. i don't know what everyone thinks yet, but that's enough. if one of the contributors wants to go on, the site goes on.

thanks again, best wishes and season's greetings.

22. desember 2007 kl. 03:45  
Blogger murmurists sagði...

Hello Lazare. Thanks for your response. Good to hear from you. I'm glad this blog is set to continue - though I respect your idea of wanting to keep things vital, short-term, and I do agree that the initial concept is somewhat '...spent...', as you term it. One thought on that: often when one thinks one is flogging a dead horse, new, perhaps richer strains are developing. Only time will tell. I didn't realise CJ had left. Farewell friend. Certainly, his contribution will be missed. Whilst I never detected an editorial system here, and I just contributed as I saw fit, I did take your '...non human automatically generated poetry...' to be a kind of guidline; and I have tried, as far as possible, to work with and within that proposition. It is narrow, though; so it becomes hard to respect the proposition and to keep saying something different, worth reading. I've seen myself as a minor contributor, but I've been happy to be involved. Really, I like the people in and around Discharge, so I'm happy to see a few extensions to that. CJ is rightly proud of what he has set in train, and I respect his hard work. Lazare ... Thanks for your kind words, and, certainly, I'll look at your work with a more formal reaction in mind, since you ask. I have kept in touch with your postings; and though I don't always comment, I have enjoyed your work. One thing I would say about the Discharge experience is that there are lots of posts, but significantly fewer comments. Same with my own blog - I get few comments. But I post there primarily as a place to put things, and to make the stuff available. I do my interacting on myspace. So I see the blog differently. Still, it would be good to have greater. reciprocity.

Very best wishes, Anthony

22. desember 2007 kl. 16:09  
Blogger Lazare sagði...

thanks a lot Anthony.

the '...non human automatically generated poetry...' , yes, it may be seen as a guideline. in fact it was more of a description of some sort of what junior and myself were doing early on. but we didn't adress the contributors as of what to do, how to proceed, etc. it was primarily about using automatic translation devices, as is set on the very title of the blog. but, once the thing is set, the makers operate as they please. we'll see what happens in the future.

regarding the comments theme... yes, there are more posts than comments... not much feedback. i don't care about "impact" much. i'm glad that the comrades like it, and most probably wouldn't be doing it outside of the discharge/txt environment, but it doesn't go beyond that. i'll be happy to hear more from you if you want to comment more on my stuff though because, i don't know, sometimes i can't tell if it might have some value or it's just a pile of crap, honestly. but don't feel in any way obliged. it usually happens as you say - i enjoy something, but i don't comment. because i find it tiring and a bit silly to repeat "i like it, i like it". and most times it's difficult to critisize in a more articulate way - especially if i think a work is good, i can't see what to add. that happens to me regarding what you're doing on your blog. i think it's excellent work, and i often take a look/read at it and enjoy it, but fail to comment. i've expressed my admiration towards your work before, and i reiterate it. but i haven't developed a critical, articulate response to it, beyond that of the applause as an spectator.

p.s. - you're not in any way a "minor" contributor to this!

very best wishes.

23. desember 2007 kl. 05:02  
Blogger murmurists sagði...

thanks a lot. all is well. have a lovely xmas. good luck for 08.

23. desember 2007 kl. 10:41  
Blogger cocaine jesus sagði...

have to agree with murmurists. i have, and still do, enjoy this site but i feel, and yes i know that i have a vested interest, that these obscure but lovely posts would be better suited on the discharge series.
having said all that i really do enjoy what you two do here (and elsewhere) i know that i am now a less than frequent commenter and i certainly hope that my leaving has had nothing to do with you two head scratching.
it was all to do with me and thigs to boring to go into here.
if it comes to a vote mine will be yes, keep it but i still think it is a limited focus.
as for what you post on discharge lazare, i think that the recent words have been amongst your best and i for one have enjoyed them immensely. i still miss junior's post though. especially her 'screen shot' stuff but here i go talking more about me and discharge than this site.
sorry if i have been the cause of any tribulations. DO NOT let me faze this collective
love to both of you.
have a great 2008!

29. desember 2007 kl. 11:25  
Blogger cocaine jesus sagði...

another point that i would like to touch upon is the notion of comments mattering or not. i used to, on my own site, get something in the region of anything from 50 to 100 comments. a lot of those people leave comments of value and have grown to become 'virtual friends'. a lot, however, of the comments left are those of the fishing kind. ones that give out sweet and complimentary comments a but in point of fact are really only after 'collecting virtual's'.they pay out compliments so that their own sites are swelled in the comments section. i think myspace is also like this. a lot of people only want to be 'my friend' so that they can collect another scalp. having said all that, i fully intend for us on the discharge team to exploit myspace to the fullest. i intend to use myspace as a portal by which myspacesers can access the blog site and thereby introduce a far larger audience to the series. i think discharge deserves it.

by the way, if any one ever wants to, there are some links at the foot of D3. one of those links is to THJIS site. that really says everything as far as i am concerned.

love and follicles!

29. desember 2007 kl. 12:08  
Blogger Lazare sagði...

hi c.j.- thanks for adding to our little "forum" here.

some minor things i'd like to say - you have caused no "tribulations" at all. i just miss your presence here a bit. as i said, you added much fun to the site.

though they share some contributors, this was not thought of as a "spin-off" to discharge. at first it was just junior and myself, you know, but we thought of inviting some more people along the way... the fact that they're mostly discharge-related is due to the fact that, well, they're the people we know, it's become our circle of acquittances... and i'm thankful for that. i know you'd like to keep it all for your (great) site!! but i don't mind disseminating. as you point out, it's just one click away.

i agree with you on the comments subject. as for myspace, i think and hope it will work well for discharge, and we'll become, at last, world dominant. we certainly deserve it.

finally, i thank you for your kind words on my stuff. i'm glad you like it. it decidedly is a support i much appreciate, and not a minor factor for my going on with it. i hope to contribute something more before the end of the year to add to the apocaliptic frenzy that's possessing the discharge folk these days. long live!

all the best to you.

29. desember 2007 kl. 14:25  
Blogger cocaine jesus sagði...

lazare>>>just one fimal comment from me. one to clear perhaps a misunderstanding caused by me. 'translated text' sits co-equal with 'discharge'. in my mind at least. sorry if i seemed to be inferring otherwise. sometimes my passion for discharge precludes courtesy and common sense.

30. desember 2007 kl. 14:56  

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